Statutory Records & Books

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Statutory Records & Books

The following documents are required by the Companies Act 2016 to be kept at the registered office of the company:

  • Notice of registration issued under section 15;
  • The constitution of the company, if any;
  • Certificates given under this Act or corresponding previous written law, if any;
  • All registers, books, records and documents as required under this Act;
  • Minutes of all meetings of members and resolutions of members;
  • Minutes of all meetings and resolutions of the Board and committees of the Board;
  • Copies of all written communications to all members or all holders of the same class of shares;
  • Copies of all financial statements and group financial statement;
  • The accounting records of the company required under section 245;
  • Copies of all instruments creating or evidencing charges as required under section 357; and
  • Such other documents required to be kept by the Registrar.

K.C.Teh acting as your company secretary will keep all the records up to date and register any changes made by the company.

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